Some nice things

While I felt a bit down and crummy today and had to re-cut a pattern (wasting a precious chunk of my favorite vintage fabric... tragic), I thought I should post on some lovely things to cheer myself up.  

The sky cleared up into sunshine this afternoon and I got to read Pride and Prejudice for the 90th time in my orange PVC lawn chair (the kind my parents used to have) while the children played in the tent out back.  Delightful.

I made blueberry oatmeal applesauce muffins from this recipe I found in my Google search.  They were yummy and semi-healthy, and I made them with soured milk (instead of yogurt) and organic sugar (instead of Splenda.)  I love cake that disguises itself as breakfast fare.  

The other day I made this lovely, frothy coffee.
I guess technically it was a latte, but I used fancy espresso powder (sue me, coffee fascists) and foamy, steamed milk (nonfat too!  Just look at that foam!  I had to take a photo) with a sprinkle of sugar.

My cats are also quite yummy.  I have three of them, one slightly "crazy older lady" tortie cat named Snicklefritz, a mellow orange cat with tiny ears named John Paul Jones ("Jones" for short) and the devil himself, Peppermint, a black and white troublemaker that Santa dropped in our laps last Christmas (we must've been naughty.)  Peppermint and Jones are best friends, and always snuggle up in photo-worthy little poses just for me.  Like this one:
And here is one of Snicky in the little wig and bonnet we salvaged from a porcelain doll:
Maybe I'm a mean pet owner for dressing my cat up, but she didn't make a fuss and sat like that under the wig while she napped for the remainder of the afternoon.  I think we both thought it suited her.

We got to catch the very last bit of the farmer's market tonight and I enjoyed delicious Chicken Vindaloo, fresh bing cherries and hot, sugary mini donuts. Yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum.

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