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Originally Posted 01/11/2010

My goal with this blog is to keep it simple and to the point. I love craft blogs that wrap all their interests, happenings and ideas together in a pretty little themed package. I'll do my best to honor these ideas. My plan is to share about what inspires me and what I create. This blog is a tool to help keep me motivated to produce even when I'm not feeling creative, and keep me accountable to my goal of building a successful business. I'd love to eventually churn out enough crafty goodness to be able to sell at street fairs, on Etsy, Farmer's Markets, etc. and maybe even make a few bucks.

Okay, onto the actual blogging!

Right now I'm very inspired by the idea of "modern country". To me, that means incorporating handmade, folk-art, vintage and modern together. I live in a house that's almost one hundred years old that we moved into about two and a half years ago. I have two small children, so it's taken me a while to get around to fixing it up to feel like a home. Much of our furnishings are tattered Ikea pieces, mixed with some antiques, hand me downs and a few things I bought new. Hopefully things will change soon! I've been busy keeping my eyes out for things to collect...

I've recently made these tiny prints:

These are tiny canvasses that I covered with fancy Origami Paper using Modge Podge. The blue piece is called "The Sailor." He was a handsome heartthrob who winked at me in the antique store. I sauntered over and asked him what his story was. He told me to take him home and I'd find out. Cheeky Devil. So I did. He told me about his travels (which were pretty outrageous over in the South Pacific!) and so I made him a collage.

"Bird Is The Word" is the other. I found a collage sheet of birds, cut out this little guy and stuck him on some pretty paper that was gifted to me by my Japanese exchange student who lived with us for a year in high school. Then I attached some script and a ribbon edge and, voila!

Soon I will post about glittered photos and whatever I decide to make today. But coffee still needs to be consumed, and the treadmill is giving me that look, so that is all for today!

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