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Originally Posted 04/30/2010

This week has been a week of introspection. The reality of my life is that I'm not very good at staying on task. But I feel like I've finally come to terms with that, and am okay with it. I've realized I need to set goals in stone to accomplish anything. Concrete goals help.

That said, I've produced many items since the last post. I'm narrowing my scope on Etsy to making things that don't consume weeks of my life to finish, things that I enjoy making and things that involve vintage items or at least a vintage feel (and things I won't be likely to end up keeping for myself no matter how much I love them.) Lots of dresses, bags, party crowns for little girls and a few canvasses that I posted previously here.

I've also listed on Etsy some yummy silk sari yarn.

It takes me ages to knit anything so hopefully someone more skilled with snatch it up and put it to good use.

My mantra to myself for May is "stay on task... stay on task... stay on task..."

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