Say hello, transfer complete and sugary sweet aprons!

Hello Blogsphere!  I've noticed that folks are in fact reading my blog, but no one has left a comment as of yet!  I would love to hear from you.  Leave a hello if you pass through!  ;)

So I think I've finally moved over all the old posts from Wordpress.  I just never took to the place, over there at Wordpress.   I used to have a Blogspot a few years ago (long gone now,) and so I know my way around here much better.  Things are gonna get fancy from now on, watch out!  ;)

I've been spending the week tweaking all my Etsy listings.  I had a bunch one right after the other last week and this week it's all lookers!  But I'm happy with lookers.  Here's hoping they turn into buyers!  I've also been busy trying to get done as much work as I can since the kids are now officially done with school.  It won't be long before the novelty wears off and I start to hear the dreaded "MOOOOM, I'm bored!" 

Here's some of what I've been working on (please ignore terrible modeling job.  Hopefully my photo skills will keep improving and I can find someone who's adorable in a burlap sack to model for me):

Ruffled Skirt Apron #1, made with vintage embroidered pillowcases, vintage fabric and all vintage trims.

Ruffled Skirt Apron #2, made with vintage pillowcases, vintage fabric, floral fabric from my stash, vintage lace and trim
Patchwork Skirt Apron, made with vintage fabric, upcycled skirt from a dress, vintage buttons and trim
Really need better photos of this one because it's really cute.

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  1. See this apron on me today at the Tacoma Etsy Craft Party!!! 3-6 PM at Hello, Cupcake! Everyone is welcome!


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