Hi! Can you help?

Hi friends.  I need some feedback!  Can you take a minute to share with me your thoughts? 

I've been spending time the past couple days thinking about the direction of where I want the shop to go in the next year or so, and what exactly I should be spending my time to help it grow.

You've seen me posting lately about all the new goodies I'm slowly incorporating into my line.  Some of them I've made, some of them I've designed and they've been produced by other crafters.  But basically this is me trying my hand at curating my own little retail shop that could maybe someday be a brick and mortar location.  Here's a reminder of some of the goodies...

  Parisienne Girl Designs has crafted some wonderful jewelry from upcycled vintage jewels and buttons based on some of my ideas and inspirations.

A very talented gal from Gnome Made With Love made some cute little everyday hair accessories with some new and vintage fabrics and buttons.

And then there are my altered vintage clothes!  I love these because there are so many vintage fabrics and styles I would wear if they were updated just a little.

So what I'm hoping you can help me with is some feedback about these items and ideas.  What do you love?  What needs improvement?  Would you walk into this shop if you saw these things in the window?  What else would you want to see?  Is Etsy where it's at or do you like indie websites better?

I'd love it if you could take a look at my Etsy shop too.  In it's present state I'm focusing on moderately priced wedding hair accessories.  Should I revamp the shop or start a new one for the new goodies?  I want to move away from making fascinators and focus more on the veils for the wedding accessories, should I move the more casual fascinators into the new shop or leave them where they are?

Thanks guys!  Your opinions matter so much and any feedback you can provide is invaluable.  XOXO


A new Vintage Classic veil

This veil is so yummy.  Vintage satin ribbon, vintage French rayon honeycomb veiling.  Handmade with love.  So delicate.  For sale here.  Need I say more?


Tacoma Is For Lovers Craft Fair Sneak Preview!

I am so excited writing this post!  I've gathered up quite a few new items and am now expanding the Deeds & Petunia line to include altered vintage clothing, upcycled accessories like belts, fabric hair clips and sashes, and JEWELRY!!!

I've enlisted the help of some fabulous artists to help bring my designs to life.  Parisienne Girl Designs has crafted some wonderful jewelry just for Deeds & Petunia.

A very talented gal from Gnome Made With Love whipped up these fabulous belts we've dubbed "Kenobe" belts (get it, because they're Obi belts, and everyone thinks of Obi Wan Kenobe?  From Star Wars???) and some cute little hair accessories.  These are more on the casual side, very affordable and great for everyday wear!

I am no expert crocheter, lord knows I try, so a friend whipped up these little bows for me.  Wouldn't they be cute pinned to a dress or your hair?

This week I've been working away on the sewing machine gussying up some vintage duds.  Just a little extra spice to bring them up to date and give them a little Deeds & Petunia flair!

So come see me this Sunday the 24th at the Tacoma Is For Lovers craft fair at King's Books in Tacoma, WA!  I'll be there from 11-4, and you can try on all the new goodies. 

No fighting over the red bird dress, ladies...


More on how to style a "classic" birdcage veil

Tips On How to Style A Classic 9 inch Birdcage/Blusher Veil (like the one shown here in the photo)

9 inch "Classic" style birdcage veil
  • To soften and remove wrinkles, apply light steam or iron on low.  You may also very carefully run the veil under lukewarm water and iron on low when dry.  Veil will hold it’s shape but become more pliable and easy to style.

  • This veil looks great with many different hairstyles and fascinators.  Figure out where you want the veil to sit by positioning the comb in your hair.  If the veil seems to “pop up”, use bobby pins to discreetly tack the veil in place until it’s styled how you want it to look.

  • This style of veil looks great asymmetrically, placed 3-4 inches above the hairline (place it right where your part is if you part your hair to one side.)  It gently sweeps over the eye and gives you a very whimsical, romantic look.  You can also scoot it down a bit towards the ear even for a little more drama.

  • If you have an updo, position the veil at the crown of the head right above the 'do for a classic feel.

  • If you’re wearing a fascinator, position your fascinator on top of the comb after styling the veil.

  • For extra security, use this little trick: comb the veil into a pin curl.  Take a lock of hair and curl it up into a "circle" and pin it to your head using bobby pins to make an "x".  Then slide the comb in against the scalp behind the x.  Your comb will stay extra secure!
If you're looking for one to buy, check out my Etsy shop.  Lots of birdcage style veils to choose from!


Upcycled Dresses

The Goodwill gods smiled upon me this week.  I love vintage, but I love even more to embellish and update a vintage garment and give it a new life.  Here's what I've been working on.

Tiny dots dress with ribbon brooch and belt
Ruched cap sleeve chiffon "bird" dress
 The sleeves were chopped off to create a more modern silhouette.  I ruched them to make them a bit more interesting.

A handmade cotton dress with very pretty embroidery.  It needed a little boost, so I added a bright blue tie to the waist and pink rick rack to the bust and pockets.

I have so much more to show you!  Alas, today has been hectic, but soon you'll see more upcycled clothing and accessories - slip dresses, tea stained goodness, obi belts, sashes, clutches, even a little jacket!  Oh, and a few OOAK birdcage veils made from all vintage materials (so yummy...)


Desert Highlights

I fell in love with the desert this June.  The saguaros, the red rocky hills, the condors flying overhead, the crickets at night. 

We visited Phoenix and stayed at my sister-in-law's house (with pool!)  Yes, it was HOT.  But I loved it!  II loved waking up at 6 AM and it was already 80 degrees.  I could step outside and soak it up while I sipped some coffee.  By 7 AM we were in the pool.  By 10 AM we had to get out for fear of heat stroke, but you bet we were back in that pool in the late afternoon.

Staying in a house as opposed to a hotel with a family is like night and day.  It was so much more relaxing and enjoyable to stay in a house with a kitchen and barbeque.  We could have our own personal space and didn't spend all our money on expensive meals or amenities.

The highlights of my trip were Rawhide and Goldfield.  As a kid, I loved nothing more than the Old West.

Rawhide is an Old West re-creation town complete with gun fights in the street.  There's little shops inside the town, restaurants and attractions for the little ones like burro rides (they were really donkeys), a petting zoo and a horse drawn coach.  We went on Father's Day, so Shawn got a free prime rib dinner!  We were bummed they were out of rattlesnake that night, but we enjoyed the live band of ol' timers playing country hits from the 70's.

Goldfield is a restored mining town just outside of Phoenix.  It was a little hokey/touristy, but also amazing to think that it looked pretty much the same as 100 years ago.  You can take a little train ride around the perimeter, go through the museum and learn about the Lost Dutchman Mines, or check out the little shops full of desert kitsch.  It's an actual historical site, whereas Rawhide was built not too long ago for entertainment.

Generally, I don't love flying.  This last time, airport security and the flight attendants were particularly unpleasant.  But it was nice to get away to somewhere warm that didn't cost us an arm and a leg.  I'll be back again for sure!


Deeds & Petunia at 2nd Saturdayz July 9th in Seattle!

Join me for what's sure to be a fantastic market full of treasures!  I'll have a table and more than just hair accessories for sale this time.  What exactly, you ask?  You'll have to come and see!

2nd Saturdayz
Find me at Hangar 30 at the Sandpoint Hangars in Magnusson Park from 8 Am to 3 PM on Saturday, July 9, 2011.  Early bird admission is $10, after 10 AM it's $5.

This market was named in Flea Market Style as a reader favorite market!  Visit the blog, Facebook page and website for more info.


This is what makes summer the best season of all.

Friends, Family, Food and Fireworks.  And beer.  That about sums up what's so great about 4th of July weekend. 


It was also my 13th wedding anniversary yesterday!  Lucky 13.  We married young and they never thought we'd make it this far.  Still married to the handsome man who stole my heart and swept me off my feet.  Love you Shawn!