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The Universe has seen it fit to smile upon me. After the worst week so far this year last week, I felt like I needed to do something for myself. In addition to finally starting a sewing project for myself, I decided to hit the Goodwill for some retail therapy (since I can't afford much else at this point.) Jackpot!

I've always wanted one of these. It's in pretty good shape and in GREAT condition on the inside with drawers and a little rack that swings out to hang clothes. The best part is that I got it for (drumroll please...) $25!!! It weighs about a hundred pounds, but it's lovely and full of history and I love the idea that someone shipped it across the ocean or on an old propeller plane or a train. Some romantic travel saga or another. This will be my new prop in photos, used as a display at craft fairs, and to hide in when my kids are driving me nuts.

I also found not one, but TWO pieces of vintage Pyrex for a few dollars. I don't think I will keep these after all, so you may see them on my Etsy page soon. Also a lovely old jewelry box with blue velvet lining, and some glass canning jars that will be great for use in the sewing room.

Here is the sewing project I'm working on:

This is the fabric I've chosen:

It's a vintage cotton sheet that feels lovely and drapey and will be perfect for summer. I'm very excited for this project, that has new challenges like DARTS and INVISIBLE ZIPPERS! I've chosen the lined tunic (you can choose a shirt, tunic or dress) Soon I shall be relaxed and throwing my head back in laughter at how easy it was and how wonderful it turned out. I'll keep you posted as it's coming along.

We're off to a friend's house to hang out for a little while. This rain is putting a damper on any outside activities! And it's June!

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