Farewell, Sweet Friend

Jones, 2007-2011
It's taken me a while to write this because it's still so fresh.  My sweetest little furry companion, John Paul Jones, passed away last month.  He was very special to me.  Always willing to let me hold him, made the best kitty muffins ever.

When we rescued Jones from the animal shelter, he was a mere 6 months old.  The shelter was overloaded with cats, and they were literally giving them away.  We looked and looked and looked at the sea of felines, and were debating about who to adopt.  No one was tugging at my heart strings in particular.

Oh, I give up.  This is comfy enough.
I hardly noticed the cages sitting in the hallway where we were discussing.  Suddenly I felt a little paw claw my behind.  There was our little orange boy.  He was stretching out his paws as if to say, "hey.  What about me?  I'm super cute."  Right then and there, he chose me.  It was destiny.

The rest is history.

He and I had a special bond.  Shortly after we adopted Jones, my other cat Pip (an indoor cat) somehow got outside and never came back.  I was heartbroken.  Pip lived with us while we were stationed overseas and came all the way home to the states from England with us. He was my first kitty baby.

But Jones helped me get through it.  Every night he'd make muffins on my bed and curl up at my feet.  He let me know he was there to love.
Camouflage Jones
Jones was a funny little guy.  He had the tiniest ears I'd ever seen on a cat (we always joked that they never grew in,) as well as the longest tail and legs.  He had a baby kitten meow which he seldom let out, except when he wanted to go tromping around the neighborhood in the wee hours of the morning (but to no avail.)  He'd stretch out and whatever position he landed in, that's where he'd stay.

He LOVED the snow.

He loved our dog Francis.  He was often found curled up next to Francis in the dog bed.
He really loved Peppermint the cat.  Peppers and I don't have the most lovey dovey relationship, he saves that for Dad and the girls.  It's okay though.  Jones gave me more than enough snuggles.
Love at first sight...

Mr. Jones didn't mind being carried around like a baby and being kissed constantly.  He was a rag doll and a lover boy, but only for me.  The kids would always cry about Jones not letting them hold him.  I secretly loved that he was mine all mine!  Bad Mommy.

Jones got sick with an autoimmune disorder that affected his red blood cell production and caused his rapid demise.  We tried to treat it, but he was just too sick.  The night before he died, he pawed at my face just like the first time we met at the shelter.  I knew it was goodbye.

Farewell buddy.  You were such a blessing and a wonderful companion.  Your life was cut way too short.  I hope kitty heaven is full of mice and birds to catch, canned tuna and muffin-making blankets.  I miss you lots.  Rest in Peace, little friend.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your precious little Jones. I love your pictures of him. He was so beautiful.

  2. Oh this choked me up... it is hard to lose a beloved friend. Goodness knows I have been through this time and again, tell myself never again, only to have a new furry friend weasel their way into my heart. They never fill the space left by friends lost, but they can help ease the pain a little. I will keep you in my thoughts...I hope that, with time, you'll be left with good memories and not the pain.

  3. Coming over from IBKC to keep an eye on Linus... ;)

    I am so sorry to hear about Jones - He looked like a lovely and cuddly lad.

    My Sooty died suddenly a couple of years ago and I miss him too so I know what you are going through :(

  4. Thanks for the kind words everyone. :)

  5. I came over from TIBKC to read about Linus, and read your post about Jones. We lost our dearest Salem to FIV on thursday april 18. He was a wonderful boy, just 11 years old, with one eye and a dislocated back knee. But it never stopped him from hunting, running in the fields or climbing up places he wasn't supposed to! I hope that Salem is playing with your Jones at the Rainbow Bridge. We will always miss him, even though we have Simba, Morgan and Jack (and six hens!).

  6. What a wonderful tribute. You were blessed with that special kitty bond and it will live on beyond the physical form.

  7. I came over from the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee. I'm so sorry to hear about Mr Jones - he was handsome and lovely and I know how sad it is to lose a friend like that.

  8. I'm sorry you lost your kitty, Jones. He sounds like he was a very special guy. I hope Linus will fill that empty spot in your heart. I know what it is like to lose your kitty - it is very, very difficult. Thank you for adopting an IBKC alumni.

  9. What a sweet and loving tribute to such a special family member - I'm so so sorry about your beloved Jones. And also so happy that the uber adorable Linus joined your family - he is such a sweet ball of fluff!

    xo Brenda (another itty bitty kitty reader)

  10. Followed IBKC to your blog - yes, another! I'm so sorry about your kitty. My family's orange boy, Oliver, passed in January (kidney failure which we fought for 4 months) and it was really hard on everyone in my family. But like you, my parents couldn't resist and adopted 2 little kittens the following week! Now the house is filled with lots of love and joy again and I can see your home will have that same wonderful feeling! I'm so happy for you, your family, and Linus! Destiny is an amazing thing ^_^

  11. I hope you feel better really soon.Mr Jones was super fortunate to have had a momma who loves him so much.

  12. My Henry showed up at my door all woebegone and broken. I took him in and he turned out to be THE sweetest, gentlest cat. Henry and my other cat, Pip fell in love and were inseperable. Alas, Henry also had an autoimmune disorder. However, we were able to treat it with monthly steroid injections for about four years before it progressed too far. Although the four'ish years could never begin to be enough with him, I, as I'm sure you do as well, treasure every moment we had. My sister said that God brings me "broken ones" (he wasn't my first or my last) because I can love them and give them a great life while they have one, and then let them go. And now I'm crying. For you and for me.


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