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Originally Posted 05/21/2010

I've made my first three sales on Etsy!

I love getting items in the mail or at stores where they take the time to package them nicely. When you get home and open them it feels like your birthday all over again, so this is how they looked when I sent them off:

Okay, Etsy. Things I've learned:

* Ask for payment right away, otherwise it's confusing to buyers and a headache for me.
* Be active on Etsy, so I get more site traffic
* I'm addicted to making Treasury collections

I've been busy sewing up a storm, and have a few new items ready to list (just have to find a cute little model who is a size smaller than mine!) and a few that should be finished tomorrow and up on Deeds and Petunia on Etsy. Here's a sneak preview:

...and a cute cat shot to top it all off. Have a great day!

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