Meet Little Linus

We're in love with a little white ball of fluff.
It was one of those cosmic connections.  I met Linus through my friend Laurie who runs the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee (which is a kitten-tastic blog!  Kitten-tastic is my new favorite word.)  I didn't have any plans of adopting a kitten prior to meeting Linus, but after I met him, I just couldn't get him out of my brain.  I just knew he had to come be part of our family.
I worried that it might be too soon since I'm still getting over the passing of Mr. Jones.  But Linus is the sweetest little bundle of joy.  He just has so much love to give, and he loves to be cuddled more than anything.  I didn't realize how much I needed a cat to cuddle!
He loves my girls and follows them around everywhere.  They're so great about calmly interacting and gently petting him (he's so tiny!) playing with him, feeding him and even cleaning the litter box!!!  (Woo hoo!)  They're excited to have a little companion to snuggle with (those other two cats are anything but snuggly...)  Last night they left Linus snoozing quietly at home to run an errand to the grocery store.  In the car they shouted"Linus!!!", a la Braveheart, over and over in excitement (Linus snoozed quietly at home.)  Apparently this is what happens when 5 and 7 year olds have to practice restraint.
If felt like the Universe knew this was how it would all work out.  Welcome to Smith Manor, little Linus!


  1. Congratulations! I came over from IBKC to see how Linus was settling in. He looks quite happy, indeed! So happy for you all.

  2. Hooray! I'm so glad Linus is in such a fantastic home! Congrats on your new family member, and my condolences on the passing of Mr. Jones. I am sure he is happy his family has adopted a shelter kitten and have somebody to snuggle with again.

  3. Dear Sarah and family,
    I too came over from IBKC to see the update on Linus.

    He looks tremendously content and your girls sound simply adorable with him. :)

    I must confess I cried when I read Linus' story about moving in with your family and how it all worked out after losing Jones. Hope that little bundle of floof brings you lots of joy and comfort. :)

  4. Sorry about Mr. Jones! He sounds wonderful. Thank you for finding it in your heart to love again and giving Linus a forever home!

  5. I came over, also, from IBKC blog to wish you & your family (& Linus) all the best. So excited to see these cute pix of Linus with the girls. It's so great to know that you live near Laurie. Congratulations on your excellent taste in kittens:)


  6. Another IBKC visitor to wish you and Linus congratulations on finding one another. The best way to pay tribute to a well-loved cat is to adopt another cat and pass on the love.

  7. I also found you through IBKC and I must say it looks like Linus is a lucky little kitten.

  8. Yet another IBKC visitor wishing you and your white ball of fluff all the best :3 He looks so adorable!

  9. i, too, lost a much-loved kitty of almost 20 years and thought my heart was too broken for new kitten love, but behold the healing powers of kittens -- a week after my Rosie passed, the powers that be, whatever they are, gave me my 2 orange boys, and it was the very best heart healing salve ever. I know Mr Jones would approve of you finding new cat love.
    Christine h

  10. I'm from IBKC-land too. You'll be seeing lots of me. :)
    I'm sorry to hear that Mr Jones has crossed the bridge but elated to know that Linus has filled that hole in your heart.
    Yay for you!

  11. Oh goodness, Linus is just adorable! I have two of my own, Milo and Connor. It's been a long time since they were this little. They're both Maine Coons, and roughly the size of 2 year olds. I miss having a baby kitten! Your photos are beautiful. I'm glad that you listened to your heart about little Linus.

    - Amber, Bluebonnets & Brownies

  12. I am also a fan of IBKC. Linus was my absolute favorite. I was considering moving to Seattle just so that I could adopt him. It sounds as though he has found the perfect home - I'm so glad you have him since I can't have him.
    It is very hard to lose a beloved pet. The wonderful thing is how the next "right one" seems to find you.
    Please post more Linus pix when you can!


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