Latest Deeds and Petunia Offerings - Vintage Kits (mini-treasuries,) skirts and bags, and new trims!

There is a new shop section at Deeds and Petunia for vintage supply kits!  I've decided to put lonely-looking items together for a party, and offer them up to anyone looking for a little inspiration!  I've noticed that I get very excited when Etsy refreshes the Treasury.  I love items presented to me this way.  Rarely is it one item alone that I love, but rather three or four that I immediately click open in a new tab to drool over.  So I've put some favorite drool-worthy items of mine together as mini-treasuries for my customers to enjoy (and hopefully purchase!)

I'm also offering some pretty vintage tatted lace (which I thought was just called crocheted lace, thank you akbugs for the correction!) and a length of vintage purple and lilac woven zig zag trim that's crying out for a cute skirt or bag to adorn.  I've already sold two lengths of the lace, so if you want some, act fast!  ;)

Lastly, check out all the cute little skirts and bags for girls!  My kids are dying to get their hands on these (I told them they had to do lots of chores first, and then I'll make them new skirts.  Ahh, bribery.)

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