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Well, to be certain I have been busy. Been spending much of my time crafting, researching craft blogs and listing items on Etsy. I'm selling vintage notions, trims and findings for crafters. So far, I've had a few lookers, but no bites! Fingers crossed. Here's what I've been working on:

Antique Handkerchief cafe curtains from handkerchiefs handed down from Great Aunt Sophie. She shared a birthday with me and always passed on her lovely things. Finally found a use for them other than collecting dust on the shelf!

Hand-embroidered coffee cup cozies (gave them away as a present without taking a photo. Blast!) Felt cozies with nicknames embroidered on the side. Got the idea from the book Hand-Stitched Felt.

Appliqued vintage sweaters for my girls, this is the applique I just finished. It's handmade, hand dyed 100% wool felt and very soft. I found this awesome cotton rainbow thread for a mane.

Felt flag "bird" banner, vintage fabric appliqued onto wool felt. I'm trying out National Nonwoven's 30% synthetic wool felt. Lovely colors and very soft.

And an assemblage piece using plaster (photos to come soon. I promise.)

Every week we head to the library where I devour craft books. Some of my recent reads are a book about re-purposing pillow cases, hand-stitching onto felt, up-cycling discarded linens, blankets, towels, etc. into useful items. I go NUTS over thrift stores, garage sales, estate sales, the mythical "flea market" (have yet to find one within a reasonable drive), and ebay. I've finally found my dream job within Deeds and Petunia on Etsy.

I'm also working on a business plan. My hope is that I can craft enough to sell items over the summer at markets, craft fairs, etc. But I need to be organized, to have money (thus the etsy store), and to improve my skills to I can churn out enough to make it worth while (and good enough quality to sell.)

Crafting and sewing make me very happy. I love the thrill of finishing an item. I've also always wanted my own retail specialty store, so this is how I shall proceed in getting my feet wet.

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