The Making of a dress Part 2

I'm so excited for this weekend.  This photo shoot is going to be amazing!!!

To start, Dee Jones has created some of the loveliest dresses I've ever seen using upcycled and vintage materials.  We started out with one dress, but this project has rekindled Dee's love of sewing, and thank the stars!!!  You're going to die when you see what she's come up with (I nearly died anyway.)  Here's a sneak peek:

The ruffled sleeve with raw edge

Our bride is not your typical bride - you'll find no tulle gowns or silk satin trains here.  Our bride is hip, modern, bohemian with a love for all things vintage.  Some might say "shabby" chic, but she's way more chic than shabby.

And the hair pieces!!!  So fun.  Way more whimsical than my other work.  Let's just say I love tulle poufs and big feathers.  Can't wait to show you those either!

The theme is Northwest Bohemian Island Wedding, and we're shooting on Vashon Island, a Puget Sounds Island just a short ferry ride from either Seattle or Tacoma, which is the essence of NW Bohemian Island.  Lots of green, elements of nature, a vintage vibe, feels intimate and handmade.  Like your ex-hippie aunt invited you to get married at her place with 50 of your closest friends and relatives.

This experience has rekindled my creative passion.  It's been so fun to connect with Dee, a fellow artist who shares my passion and excitement.  I always wonder what my life would be like if I had pursued art like this when I was younger.  I don't know if I would feel as fulfilled as I do now.  It's a good feeling.

The other exciting bit - Hello, Cupcake will be featured in the shoot as well!  They make the most beautiful and delicious cupcakes (and I'm a huge picky pants when it comes to my baked goods, so when I say delicious I mean it!!!) and I'm so thrilled that they're right here in Tacoma.

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Some more e-zine contributors to share!

Look at these lovely goodies Etsy sellers have agreed to let us feature in the upcoming wedding e-zine!  These are for our "strawberries & lemonade" themed shoot...

Strawberry Paper Garland by WeddingGirl on Etsy, $30
Love Wedding Cake Topper by TheFunkyShack, $25
Estate Style Earrings by ParisienneGirl on Etsy, $32
Etsy is such a wonderful, supportive and sharing community.  It's great to support other businesses and feel the support for this project in return!!!  So fun.  :)

Oh, and HAPPY SPRING!!!  We're ready for you sun!


The making of a dress - part 1

Not only can Dee Jones take beautiful photos
Elk & Boar, Photograph by Dee Jones
She is also a talented seamstress!  She found this little number at the Goodwill Outlet (not the same as the Goodwill, this is the outlet where there bring all the good that don't sell in the regular Goodwill stores, dump them into bins and make you dig around to find what you're looking for.  Lots of people don gloves and apparently there can be some vicious fighting over found treasures.)
Gauzy cream cotton dress
Our "Indie Inspiration Bride" will don the number in our upcoming photo shoot when all is said and done.  We thought we'd try making an upcycled wedding dress for budget brides that want something unique and beautiful. 

So far I'm giddy.  We've decided to add some torn organza ruffle sleeves
And some ruching at the bottom with little torn organza ruffles that will poke out
"picture me with organza ruffles..."
Dee will be adding some vintage lace detail on the modified collar and deepening the v-neckline, as well as creating a sparkly, lacy green sash.
I can't wait to show you how the dress progresses!  These photos don't do justice to what's in our brains.  There are also some VERY exciting accessories to go with this dress.  It's killing me, I love it so much...


Wedding e-zine is coming together!

I'm so thrilled about this.  I love e-zines.  Especially free zines!  Blogs are also nice, don't get me wrong, but sometimes you just want to get straight to the beautiful pictures.  Or you want a DIY craft project to try out, but don't want to have to scroll and scroll and SCROLL to get through the 45 steps and demonstration photos.  That's the beauty of the zine.  It's like a condensed magazine - full of gorgeous photos, tips, an article or two, a few relevant ads (nothing too crazy!) and the DIY's are tastefully edited for maximum user-friendliness.  You can even "flip" through it like a magazine!  So satisfying.

So I'm working on an Indie DIY Wedding e-zine.  In general, it's for all the artsy craftsy type brides who love handmade, want unique elements in their wedding rather than just what's "traditional" (although some traditions are still great.)  These are brides who don't mind a little elbow grease to make their weddings special, but appreciate the time, energy and effort of the handmade craft, and seek out vendors who offer something a little different for those extra special items. If this sounds like you, I know you'll appreciate what's in store!

I've pulled together some AMAZING elements that I'm so excited to share with you.  Today is just a sneak peek!  The zine will be out in May and will be chock full of zine-y goodness.

Ringbearer's Nest, MacKensleyDesigns on Etsy
Bamboo Placecards, SimplyPrettyPrints on Etsy

In addition to product features and DIY wedding projects, I'm working with two wonderful photographers on two totally unique and FUN wedding inspiration shoots! 

Rosemary Wagner, you may remember, is the photographer from the shoot we did previously where she created all the beautiful photos for my Etsy shop.  :) 

The other is a lovely lady named Dee Jones from Open Door Photography.  I met Dee through our mutual friend Kirsten, who is a very talented singer/songwriter, (and who is playing a SXSW show tonight with her magical band Elk & Boar!!!) 

Kirsten borrowed a couple sample pieces for an Elk & Boar photo shoot with Dee.  Together with Kirsten's bandmate Travis, they made this dreamy music video for their song "Room To Start" (Dee's photos, Elk & Boar music, Kirsten's stop animation handiwork!)

I fell in love with Dee's aesthetic.  I immediately emailed her and told her I wanted to work with her.  Much to my delight, she said yes!  So here we are, getting ready for another dreamy photo shoot, this time with brides in mind, in a couple weeks.  I'm excited beyond words. 

Stay tuned and I'll post more pictures soon!

**And I'm still looking for DIY contributors and advertisers!  E-mail me for more info...**


BeeGee Bride - Incredibly Adorable Bridal Accessories

This is it ladies - your one stop shop for bridal accessories!  BeeGee Bride has rounded up some of the most completely adorable wedding finds full of vintage charm and classic style.  Just take a look!

Honey Bee Clutch, $72
Vintage Silver Coin Drop Earrings, $45
Customizable Pearls for Girls, $32
Orange Crush Shoe Bobs, $28
BeeGee Bride is the "little sister" site of the wildly successful Bee Gee Bags (cute little clutches like the one in the top photo.)  All of these items are handmade/made to order and BeeGee Bride has even taken the liberty of putting together some inspiration looks featuring coordinating products. 

And, not only are these items gorgeous, but they're affordable!  So you can save your dough for those mai tai's on the honeymoon...

Oh, and did I mention they also sell veils and hair accessories?  Guess who's veils and hair accessories???
Lovingly dubbed the "Betty" Birdcage Veil, $45
That's right!  You can also find some gorgeous, handmade-with-love veils and bridal hair accessories made by yours truly in this perfect little one stop shop!

Get on over there and check it out!  :)


Crafty? Seeking submission for a new wedding zine!

Attention bloggers, crafters, writers, photographers and all around creative types!  I'm seeking submissions for tutorials, projects, reviews and inspiration ideas for a new, indie-published, DIY Wedding Zine!

“All In The Details” is the theme for this full-color guide for brides-to-be, full of wedding inspiration including step-by-step tutorials, featured products, and an editorial inspiration shoot.  I'd love to include your projects and creative ideas!

If you're interested, email me your ideas and I'll be happy to give you more details.  What I'm looking for are relatively simple and inexpensive projects that will appeal to brides who appreciate handmade.  For step-by-step tutorials, please try to keep the project under 15 steps, with concise descriptions (250 words or less) and clear, descriptive pictures.

These are brides who are on a budget, want to reduce/reuse/recycle (or upcycle!), and want to add unique personal touches to the event, but still want to keep up with some of the popular trends in weddings right now.  I'm specifically looking for things like how to make banners, pom poms, bouquets (not just fresh flower bouquets!), decoration ideas, floral arrangements, boutonniere making, drink recipes, display ideas, how to make the wedding feel more personal (like a fun party we can all enjoy!), how to upcycle/reconstruct/repurpose wedding elements (including dresses and accessories!), paper products (tags, invites, etc.), cake toppers, favors, etc.

We'll include all your info - links to your website, Etsy shop, blog, etc. and a little description of what you are all about.  A great way to promote yourself and get some fantastic FREE advertising!

I'm also offering affordable rates for half-page or full page ads for approved vendors of wedding products and services.  Email me if you want more info and I'll send you an application!

The Zine will be available to view online for free, download for a few dollars or printed on recycled paper and mailed for under $10.

Join me in my mission to inspire folks to use creativity and repurposing to personalize and simplify weddings!  Viva la Handmade!!!

Oh, and thanks for re-posting and passing this info along!!!


Daily Find Feature

What a nice way to wake up.  A little write up in NWSource.com's section "The Daily Find."  The article is all about "The vintage bride: how to create a nostalgic look with timeless appeal."

Deeds & Petunia was featured as part of vintage style bridal accessories:

"The right accessory can give any dress a retro finish, and is an easy, affordable way to achieve this look. For less than $50, you can don a birdcage veil or a handmade hair ornament by Tacoma-based Deeds and Petunia. The designer’s blog even teaches you how to make your own "bridal fascinator" for $10 to $15."

What a nice little surprise!  Thanks to Rose who sent this along to me.  Guess I need to Google myself more often!  :)

Also mentioned was the British Motor Company that rents out vintage motor cars for weddings.  Long ago when my husband and I got married, we made our getaway in a beautiful old blue British luxury car (my memory is fuzzy on which car it was exactly...) but it was the perfect exit on our wedding day (It was also fitting since we were getting ready for our move to the UK soon after.)  I highly recommend it!

Vintage style weddings are so fun.  Go read the article - it's full of great resources for Northwest brides!


Call To Artists - 2nd Annual Seattle Vintage Wedding Fair!

Join us for the 2nd Annual Seattle Vintage Wedding Fair!  We are excited to host what will no doubt be a simply smashing event on Saturday, May 14th, 11AM-6PM, at Ghost Gallery on Capitol Hill!
The theme of this year's Fair is "All in the Details!" There will be vintage-inspired vendors showcasing their hair accessories, jewelry, dresses, flowers, paper goods, hair and make-up artists, favors, sweet treats and more. All to help you complete your wonderful Vintage-style Wedding!

There will be products available for purchase, as well as opportunities to book photography sessions, hair and make-up appointments and more.

Rosemary will also be doing a photo shoot that day where brides, grooms, and bridal parties-to-be can have their picture taken!

CALL TO ARTISTS: If you are an artist or designer with vintage flair and you feel your product or service might be a good fit for this event we want to hear from you!  Please e-mail Rosemary Wagner for details, or (drop me a line!)  Deadline is April 1st to reserve your table space!

ALSO... We are looking for event sponsors!  Do you want to be included/featured in our print advertising and online promotion?  With your generous but reasonably priced contribution, you can help sponsor this event and get some GREAT advertising for your business!

ONE LAST THING... Would you like to be included in the first issue of our accompanying full color print Inspiration Zine?  “All In The Details” is a 40 page guide for brides-to-be, full of wedding inspiration including step-by-step tutorials, featured products, a 10 page editorial inspiration shoot.  We're offering super (and I mean super!) affordable rates for half-page or full page ads for preferred vendors of wedding products and services in conjunction with this event!

Join us as we HAVE FUN and celebrate with a touch of glamor and loads of vintage style!

Overdue update!!!

Hello, blog.  It's been a long time.  I've been busy you see, and frankly, I've been too lazy to update you.  Sorry but it's the honest truth.  Here's what's been going on!

I went to NYC!  It was fantastic (photos to come soon...)  My top three favorite things about the Big Apple are:

1. Crazy cab drivers - I respect that they want to get you to where you're going in a hurry.  Everyone in New York is in a big hurry.

2.  Cheesecake at 1 AM - That was phenomenal.  People there don't sleep on the weekends apparently.

3. MoMA - I was thrilled to get to see Andrew Wyeth's painting, Christina's World.  I got way too close and I'm sure they were ready to shoo me away, but the details were stunning.  I love galleries.  I love seeing the works that I've only seen in books all up close and personal.  The textures and subtleties that books can't reveal.  We've been to The Louvre and museums in London and Amsterdam, but this museum was outstanding.  Well worth the 20 bucks (even though we only had an hour there!)

So what else is new... well, I'm gearing up for the 2nd Annual Seattle Vintage Wedding Fair on May 14th!  12-6 PM at the Ghost Gallery in Seattle.  It should be fantastic - loads of vintage style, vendors, samples, models.  The theme this year is "All In The Details."  Mark your calendars!

I'm also planning a couple photo shoots which should be fun.  That means new products and some inspiration for you brides-to-be out there!  More details soon...

Lastly, I'm putting together a little Wedding Craft Zine and am looking for vendors and bloggers looking for some GREAT exposure to contribute projects and/or full and half page advertisements!  The Zine will be free to view online and cost just a few dollars to download.  The advertising rates are extremely reasonable!  The Zine will also be available in print for sale at the Vintage Wedding Fair.  Contact me at deeds and petunia at gmail dot com (no spaces!) for more details!

Today was the first truly sunny day in ages!  It's warming up out there people.  Spring is just around the corner, I can feel it.  I'm not tucking away my Winter coat just yet, but I'm optimistic!  Enjoy your weekend!