Round Felt Flower Bobby Pin Tutorial

When I make my hair accessories, I use wool felt as an anchor for the feather and flower elements.  It is sturdy but soft, has a nice grab when you use glue, and you can hand sew through it with ease.  I usually use a wool blend of at least 30%.  Anything less doesn't perform as well or look as good.

I usually sew circles or ovals 2-4 inches in diameter, and will end up with lots of little leftover bits and pieces.  Since I am pack-ratty to the core, I can't throw these precious little bits away, no!  And this is why!

Here is a cute and simple little project you can wear on any occasion, kids and grown-ups alike.  It's understated (because not everyone loves a giant feathery flower in their hair!) and versatile.  And felt accessories are very popular this season!  This makes the perfect handmade gift, takes very little time and skill (basic hand sewing is about as tricky as it gets!) and you can make it with items you probably already have lying around the house.

Round Felt Flower Bobby Pin

You will need:

Wool felt scraps in white and green (or whatever colors you have!)
A bobby pin (preferably one with a tiny round metal pad, but any sturdy bobby will do)
Strong glue like E6000
Needle and thread
Seed beads, button, sequins or crystals for embellishment
A beading needle if you need it

First step:
Cut three circles - large, medium and small, with the largest being about 1.5" in diameter, from the white felt.  Stack and center them so the largest is on the bottom and the littlest is on top to make the "flower."  Then cut a leaf shape about an inch long and place the flower on top.

With your needle and thread, sew a few stitches through the center of all the pieces and tie off at the bottom of the leaf.

Sew a few seed beads, sequins, a button or whatever embellishment you want in the center of your flower and tie off at the bottom.  You might need a beading needle for tiny beads, so don't forget to thread it for this part like I always do!!!  :)  You might even embroider the center of the flower and stitch down the center of the leaf if you want to get REALLY fancy...

Glue it to the bobby pin and clamp it in place while it dries for extra hold.  I usually use a little alligator clip as a clamp.


You have a lovely and thoughtful handmade gift that takes about 20 minutes to make and probably won't cost you a dime!  Happy crafting!

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  2. Too cute, and such a great idea for remnants!

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  3. Thanks for following!

    And as one of my customers once pointed out, these would also make great pins for a jacket or sweater, if you don't care for hair accessories!

  4. So cute!! :) Might try this tomorrow! :)


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