Tuesday is Treasury Day (I've just decided)

I'm addicted to treasury-making on Etsy.  Much like my blog-envy problem, treasury-making involves coveting others creative genius and ability to produce wonderful items.  Seeing as how Etsy just hooked up with HGTV (Feelings? Thoughts?), treasury-making has become even MORE exciting and competitive to be featured on the front page.  But that's not why I do it (although it would be awesome.)  I love to browse Etsy, in fact I spend way too much time doing so, but it gives me so much inspiration and delight to see the beautiful things my fellow artists are making.

Here is my latest treasury:

Dark and Stormy

Beautiful items!  Give it a try - it's fun!  My theme was "Dark and Stormy."  I picked the most eye catching items that came up in searches for keywords like "dark," "cloudy," "rainy," "storm," etc. that suited my desire to focus on dark gray, silver and a hint of red.  I rearranged them in the treasury until I was satisfied, tagged it with keywords, and clicked publish.

The sellers were sent a message, some posted about it on their blogs or in item descriptions.  I find it's a great way to connect with other sellers and maybe even get a few new shop hearts.  But mostly, it's just fun to shop and collect without ever having to spend a dime (would if I could!!!)

I shall try to post a new treasury every Tuesday.  Happy voting, fellow Washingtonians, and have a great night!


  1. Just found your blog via etsy forums. Very cute! I love your treasury - you have a good eye. I also like your shop too! I have a few ideas for growing a blog, I went from 3 followers to 30 in one month. Gimme a shout at rachel.rolseth@gmail.com and I'd be happy to chat. Also, check out my blog at www.rachelrolseth.blogspot.com. Again, love your work, keep it up.


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