Cyber Monday Shopping Guide

Ahh.  Shopping online.  I love not having to leave the comfort of my home and deal with the frustrations of traffic, grumpy shoppers and stores that suffer from a huge lack of interesting items.  It's funny, I didn't even know what "Cyber Monday" was until a few months ago.  I knew Thanksgiving weekend was a big deal for shoppers and retailers alike, but didn't realize it continued online into the start of the week!  (I guess you learn these things once you start an online business...) 

But yay!  Etsy is here to save the day!
Handmade Antique Men's Shaving Mirror from the 1800's by CGScarves18, $55

Wee Little Squares Set of 4 Tiny Plates by RedHotPottery, $32
There are so so so many great items for sale today on Etsy - an online marketplace for sellers of handmade items, vintage goods and craft supplies.  Here is a shopping guide, hand-picked by moi, full of ideas of unique and beautiful gifts you can buy, categorized under $25, under $50 and under $100.  These are items you can feel good about giving.  They're handmade with artistry and craftsmanship, or totally unique, quality one-of-a-kind vintage.  Happy shopping!

Gifts Under $25
For The Eternal Romantic: Absinthe Bath Salt by ForStrangeWomen, $13

For Santa's Little Cookie Baker: Cherries Apron by SadieKayBoutique, $18

For The Unicorn Obsessed: Unicorn Butterfly Tee, Hand-dyed Pink and Screen Printed in Silver Ink by Crowsmack, $16
For Mom: SALE Women's Blue, Deep Red and White Wool Mittens by MJOriginalsLLC, $25 plus FREE shipping!
For the kid in all of us... Vintage Peanuts Glasses Lucy's Lemonade Stand by TheEdgeOfNowhere, $7

Gift Under $50

For the Poker Player: Vintage Pla-Wood Products Poker Chip Caddy by Retroburgh, $32.99
For the Art Collector: The Herders Print, 8.5" x 11" by PoopingRabbit, $30
For the Craftster who is always busy making crafts for everyone else: Woodland Fox Handmade Yarn Wreath by KnockKnocking, $45
For the Impossible To Shop For: Vintage Glass Cloche Dome Bell Jar by LittleByrdVintage, $28
Because you need a gift that's truly original: Vintage White Ceramic Horse Head Stapler by DomestiKate, $50 (I think this might be my new favorite shop.  Check out the 357 Magnum Hair Dryer for $235 as well.)

Gift ideas under $100

For the Uber Crafter: Love Is Words Cross Stitch Tapestry Kit by GrannyKnit, $98

For the (True) Music Lover: Vintage Emerson Portable Record Player by Whippoorwheel, $65

For the Booze Lovers: His and Hers Letterpress Flask Set by ManEatingFlower, $65
For The Girl That Doesn't Like Diamonds: Belle Lace Cuff Leather In Turquoise by MoxieandOliver, $75
For the Newly Arrived! So adorable: Ice Cream Newborn Cocoon and Hat by SweetPeaToadTots, $70

Hmm... this feels almost like a shopping guide designed JUST for me.  Guess I should take my own advice and get started.  A couple months ago I took the Handmade Pledge to buy only handmade and second-hand goods whenever possible.  Thank goodness for Etsy, otherwise I don't know what I'd do!!!  :)

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