A Quiet Morning to catch up...

I love the sound of kids laughing and playing first thing in the morning (not so much the bickering and yelling) but to wake up before anyone else and get a quiet cup of coffee and check my email is a rare treat.

This Thanksgiving I'm thankful for the gift of family and friends.  Sometimes it's easy to get caught up in life and it feels like you can hardly stop to catch your breath.  The past few months have been joyful, but kinda crazy at times (especially this week with the sale in my shop!)  I haven't seen a lot of my friends and I hope they're not feeling too neglected.  It's nice when you can actually slow down, share a glass of wine and catch up like hardly any time has passed at all.

Thanksgiving week has been great.  We had snow!!!  It rarely snows in Tacoma, and when it does, it never sticks around for very long.  Monday started out with snow and a big windstorm Monday night.  The kids got out of school early and stayed out all week.  We sledded down the alley, made bread, visited with neighbors all week.  Love snow days.

We went to Nana's for Thanksgiving dinner and I got to wake up at 6 to perform turkey surgery.  My mom had accidentally sliced through the breast while opening the package, so knowing my incredible handsewing skills, she decided to gently (ahem) shake me awake to do the job.  So there I was without of drop of coffee in me, sewing up a turkey.  It looked pretty good when all was said and done.  (Pictures to come.)

We ate, we laughed, we sledded.  It was pretty great all around.

The rest of the weekend we got to spend time with new friends and old which felt great.  I feel pretty lucky to know the people we do.  Tacoma has been a great town to build friendships in.  We hope to continue to do so as our roots here grow!

I hope your Thanksgiving was equally awesome and that you enjoy your last day!

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