So flattering!

Wow!  I feel so honored to be included in these gorgeous Etsy treasuries!  The treasuries include wonderful gift ideas for the holidays.   They look good enough to eat!

Curated by HausProud
Curated by Sealillie

Curated by ZayneeDesigns

And don't forget to visit the curators shops!  They are also full of wonderful gift ideas.  Thank you HausProud, Sealillie and ZayneeDesigns for including Deeds and Petunia this week!


  1. Good job! What beautiful treasuries too. How do you get included in so many? It seems like you're on them all the time.

  2. I don't know actually! I work really hard to take good pictures, and there are a few that seem to be included most often in these treasuries.

    I make a lot of treasuries too and some sellers that I've included have been kind enough to include me in a treasury of theirs in return a time or two.

    I was really excited this morning to see the treasury above made by Sea Lillie was featured on the front page during the night last night!


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