The Making of a dress Part 2

I'm so excited for this weekend.  This photo shoot is going to be amazing!!!

To start, Dee Jones has created some of the loveliest dresses I've ever seen using upcycled and vintage materials.  We started out with one dress, but this project has rekindled Dee's love of sewing, and thank the stars!!!  You're going to die when you see what she's come up with (I nearly died anyway.)  Here's a sneak peek:

The ruffled sleeve with raw edge

Our bride is not your typical bride - you'll find no tulle gowns or silk satin trains here.  Our bride is hip, modern, bohemian with a love for all things vintage.  Some might say "shabby" chic, but she's way more chic than shabby.

And the hair pieces!!!  So fun.  Way more whimsical than my other work.  Let's just say I love tulle poufs and big feathers.  Can't wait to show you those either!

The theme is Northwest Bohemian Island Wedding, and we're shooting on Vashon Island, a Puget Sounds Island just a short ferry ride from either Seattle or Tacoma, which is the essence of NW Bohemian Island.  Lots of green, elements of nature, a vintage vibe, feels intimate and handmade.  Like your ex-hippie aunt invited you to get married at her place with 50 of your closest friends and relatives.

This experience has rekindled my creative passion.  It's been so fun to connect with Dee, a fellow artist who shares my passion and excitement.  I always wonder what my life would be like if I had pursued art like this when I was younger.  I don't know if I would feel as fulfilled as I do now.  It's a good feeling.

The other exciting bit - Hello, Cupcake will be featured in the shoot as well!  They make the most beautiful and delicious cupcakes (and I'm a huge picky pants when it comes to my baked goods, so when I say delicious I mean it!!!) and I'm so thrilled that they're right here in Tacoma.

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