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There are so many exciting things I can't wait to blog about and share with you.  Photo shoots, new goodies, new ideas...  But today I want to share a little bit about Elk & Boar, a local Tacoma band chock full of talent and heart.  These two have been incredibly supportive of my creative endeavors and are generally wonderful people and I am just about their biggest fan, because not only are they wonderful people but they are outrageously talented and I love the beautiful music they create.

Better known as Kirsten Wenlock and Travis Barker, these two talented folks have been divinely paired to create.  When I first heard/saw Elk & Boar, I was struck by how different they sounded than everyone else in the local music scene - soulful, unique, unabashed.  Two seasoned musicians, with voices like yin and yang (or like two great tastes that taste great together.)  Their songs as well - anywhere from lamenting and heartbreaking, to hope-filled and comforting.

When I saw them again, I was struck by their passion.  I see a lot of live music.  I see a lot of passionate musicians.  But every song felt like a prayer, like a cry to a Heavenly Father.  Like a conviction of the soul (theirs and mine.)  It was deep.  Way more than just a performance.

Recently, I attended their CD release party and was struck by their showmanship.  They certainly do not disappoint live.  In fact you'd better not wear socks to their show because they'll just rock them right off.  Not only are Elk (Kirsten) & Boar (Travis) born to write songs, they are born to perform.

Big things are in store for these two. They hit SxSW this year, will be the featured band on One Band One Brand next week, and I have no doubt that from here, the world is their oyster.

I highly recommend giving them a listen.  I especially love Canyons because it's a song that speaks frankly and deeply, and is sublimely written and performed.  They also made a music video with the lovely and talented Dee Jones to the sweet and honest tune of Room To Start.

Life isn't easy, that's for sure.  Elk & Boar's music remind us of that.  But it also reminds us that their is much beauty to behold in this terrible, chaotic mess, and that's what keeps us going.

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