The making of a dress - part 1

Not only can Dee Jones take beautiful photos
Elk & Boar, Photograph by Dee Jones
She is also a talented seamstress!  She found this little number at the Goodwill Outlet (not the same as the Goodwill, this is the outlet where there bring all the good that don't sell in the regular Goodwill stores, dump them into bins and make you dig around to find what you're looking for.  Lots of people don gloves and apparently there can be some vicious fighting over found treasures.)
Gauzy cream cotton dress
Our "Indie Inspiration Bride" will don the number in our upcoming photo shoot when all is said and done.  We thought we'd try making an upcycled wedding dress for budget brides that want something unique and beautiful. 

So far I'm giddy.  We've decided to add some torn organza ruffle sleeves
And some ruching at the bottom with little torn organza ruffles that will poke out
"picture me with organza ruffles..."
Dee will be adding some vintage lace detail on the modified collar and deepening the v-neckline, as well as creating a sparkly, lacy green sash.
I can't wait to show you how the dress progresses!  These photos don't do justice to what's in our brains.  There are also some VERY exciting accessories to go with this dress.  It's killing me, I love it so much...

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  1. This looks beautiful! Not that there's any wedding plans in my future, but I've already decided that I wouldn't like a traditional dress. But a handmade/upcycled/vintage number would be perfect!


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