Wedding e-zine is coming together!

I'm so thrilled about this.  I love e-zines.  Especially free zines!  Blogs are also nice, don't get me wrong, but sometimes you just want to get straight to the beautiful pictures.  Or you want a DIY craft project to try out, but don't want to have to scroll and scroll and SCROLL to get through the 45 steps and demonstration photos.  That's the beauty of the zine.  It's like a condensed magazine - full of gorgeous photos, tips, an article or two, a few relevant ads (nothing too crazy!) and the DIY's are tastefully edited for maximum user-friendliness.  You can even "flip" through it like a magazine!  So satisfying.

So I'm working on an Indie DIY Wedding e-zine.  In general, it's for all the artsy craftsy type brides who love handmade, want unique elements in their wedding rather than just what's "traditional" (although some traditions are still great.)  These are brides who don't mind a little elbow grease to make their weddings special, but appreciate the time, energy and effort of the handmade craft, and seek out vendors who offer something a little different for those extra special items. If this sounds like you, I know you'll appreciate what's in store!

I've pulled together some AMAZING elements that I'm so excited to share with you.  Today is just a sneak peek!  The zine will be out in May and will be chock full of zine-y goodness.

Ringbearer's Nest, MacKensleyDesigns on Etsy
Bamboo Placecards, SimplyPrettyPrints on Etsy

In addition to product features and DIY wedding projects, I'm working with two wonderful photographers on two totally unique and FUN wedding inspiration shoots! 

Rosemary Wagner, you may remember, is the photographer from the shoot we did previously where she created all the beautiful photos for my Etsy shop.  :) 

The other is a lovely lady named Dee Jones from Open Door Photography.  I met Dee through our mutual friend Kirsten, who is a very talented singer/songwriter, (and who is playing a SXSW show tonight with her magical band Elk & Boar!!!) 

Kirsten borrowed a couple sample pieces for an Elk & Boar photo shoot with Dee.  Together with Kirsten's bandmate Travis, they made this dreamy music video for their song "Room To Start" (Dee's photos, Elk & Boar music, Kirsten's stop animation handiwork!)

I fell in love with Dee's aesthetic.  I immediately emailed her and told her I wanted to work with her.  Much to my delight, she said yes!  So here we are, getting ready for another dreamy photo shoot, this time with brides in mind, in a couple weeks.  I'm excited beyond words. 

Stay tuned and I'll post more pictures soon!

**And I'm still looking for DIY contributors and advertisers!  E-mail me for more info...**

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