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What a nice way to wake up.  A little write up in NWSource.com's section "The Daily Find."  The article is all about "The vintage bride: how to create a nostalgic look with timeless appeal."

Deeds & Petunia was featured as part of vintage style bridal accessories:

"The right accessory can give any dress a retro finish, and is an easy, affordable way to achieve this look. For less than $50, you can don a birdcage veil or a handmade hair ornament by Tacoma-based Deeds and Petunia. The designer’s blog even teaches you how to make your own "bridal fascinator" for $10 to $15."

What a nice little surprise!  Thanks to Rose who sent this along to me.  Guess I need to Google myself more often!  :)

Also mentioned was the British Motor Company that rents out vintage motor cars for weddings.  Long ago when my husband and I got married, we made our getaway in a beautiful old blue British luxury car (my memory is fuzzy on which car it was exactly...) but it was the perfect exit on our wedding day (It was also fitting since we were getting ready for our move to the UK soon after.)  I highly recommend it!

Vintage style weddings are so fun.  Go read the article - it's full of great resources for Northwest brides!

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