Wednesday Wonderful

Broken camera, day 30...or so.  Who knows exactly.   I haven't been blogging as much because I can't take pictures of what I'm working on* (boo!)  But I've been too busy working on some new goodies to keep up with the blog lately anyway (yay!)

So I think today I'll just show you some other folks' amazing work!  Here are my latest favorites:

I LOVE THIS.  I want to be a fairy and romp around in a meadow and drink dew drops from buttercups wearing this adorable shrug by TianaCHE.  It's 100% handmade and she donates a percentage of her sales to a charity for children with Leukemia.  Gorgeous!
Strawberry Fields Bolero Shrug, (Hand Felted & Beaded!) by TianaCHE, $199
 This dress makes me swoon.  I want to swoon in the dress.  I want to be wooed and swoon in this dress.  Vintage lace makes me all tingly...
Tea Dress in Vintage Lace by SohoMode, $280
 My nearly 100 year old house is very drafty.  I have lots of warm sweaters, but none of them are as pretty as this.  I think I need this.
Made to Order Handmade Aqua Cable Mohair Shrug by reflectionsbyds, $90
Letterpress Paper House Kit - Chandler Lane by 1Canoe2, $24
I'm kind of obsessed with letterpress.  This neighborhood needs to be on my mantel.  
My mantel needs to become Chandler Lane.

I love this tiny little print.  It reminds me of my little yellow haired daughter.  Tiny prints are perfect because they are interesting and beautiful and generally don't cost you an arm and a leg.  A great way to get a little piece of art that fits just about anywhere.
Doll/Tiny Canvas Print by TushTush, $20

Right now I'm working on the new Deeds & Petunia bridal hair accessory line, so I've been thinking about weddings constantly.  More so than I have thought about in oh, say 13 years or so.  (Man, that makes me feel old to type that out...)

 I came across this little number when making a treasury and just died over how cute it was.  If I were to get married again, this would be the dress.  I love the touch of blue.  So adorable.
Blue Bird Vintage Inspired Gown by YourFairytaleWedding, $699

Etsy is so full of amazing, creative, talented artists.  I think back to my pre-Etsy days and they seem so much less inspiring.  Etsy peeps are incredible!!!

*So when I get the camera situation sorted out I'll start posting pics of the new bridal line.  Lots of soft pastels, big soft flowers, feather pieces, birdcage veils, little bridal hats, and a vintage country bride kind of vibe.  The big photo shoot for the new line is the last weekend in January, and with the help of some amazing artist friends, I'm optimistic everything will come together just right!  If all goes well, you'll see the new items in my Etsy shop in early February.


  1. Love your blog!
    Thanks so much for visiting my shop :)
    Be Blessed in all things,,, Most of All... LOVE

  2. Wonderful blog! Thank you so much for including my work!


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