The Twitter...

I've done it - deedsandpetunia is now tweeting.  I have to say, it's better than I thought it would be!  It's more exciting than Facebook - faster, more condensed.  But, you don't get the advantage of browsing through everyone's pictures or seeing which events they're attending (so you can casually be there too...) like you do on Facebook.  I do believe it's called "Face-Stalking.  :)  But if you want to read what thought are pouring out of me at any given moment, and don't want to face-stalk me, follow me on Twitter!

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  1. Cute post! ^_^ I'm on twitter too (Poetesswug2) I followed a link from 'Flight of the Pook' today though, just to say hi!...Come by and say hi, either on Twitter or in my blog backyard-->


    Nice to meet you! :-)


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