Tuesday Treasury - Farmgirl Fancy

I often wish I lived on a farm.  I tried growing veggies one year with some success (although the next year was a disaster) and have even thought about chickens or angora bunnies.  MaryJane Butters has a fantastic book all about her world in Moscow, Idaho that makes farm life look incredibly romantic.  But alas, I live in the city and trade off great coffee within walking distance for rolling prairies.  Plus farming is a lot of work.  My mom has told me enough stories about waking up at 5 AM to tend animals before school to know I wouldn't last a month.

So I shall live through the eyes of other Etsyians and create treasuries in honor of my farm life fantasies.

Farmgirl Fancy by DeedsAndPetunia

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  1. What a nostalgic treasury! 7 years ago I had a wonderfully balanced life of living in the city during the week-days and heading to the country for the week-end. I didn't think of it in romantic terms at the time as I was mostly dragged to the countryside by my parents, but now I miss that time so dearly! We had no livestock, but we provided our family with produce for the whole year. Unfortunately, I only started to realize how much it really means to have that spiritual connection to land as I grew older.


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