The New Wedding Line

Posy - Romantic Flower Fascinator by Deeds & Petunia
Here I am.  I think back to where I was a year ago and have to smile.  I bought a sewing machine having no clue really what I was going to do with it, only knowing it was time to build a business around using my creativity.
Rose - Soft Romantic Pink Flower Fascinator by Deeds & Petunia
Bloom - White Peony Floral Fascinator by Deeds & Petunia
Last Sunday was the photo shoot with Rosemary Photography for the new Deeds & Petunia bridal hair accessory line.  It was pure magic.  Lots and lots of hard work, but lots and lots of magic.  And fun!  Here are some action shots.  :)
Amanda working hard and looking amazing!
Teresa getting ready
Teresa added the spice...
We shot from 11:30 or so until just after 5.  Thank goodness for coffee, bagels and muffins (carb fueled!)  We shot all of the new signature pieces in the bridal line (some of which are now up for sale on Etsy, the rest will be up soon.)  It was awesome.
Comfort before beauty on a day like this.  My socks made a good focal point too.
I feel so fortunate to have had the abundant generosity of friends at the shoot.  My good friend Teresa Salzman who is also a talented hair stylist agreed to do hair and to model, and she helped me find another friend/stylist named Anna Ott to help out as well, along with another beauty, Amanda Davis, who I've known since we were little little kids.  The girls were amazing!  They created the most incredible hair and makeup, and made the pieces come to life.  Thank you girls for all your time and all the hard work and ENERGY you gave!

Rosemary Wagner is a dear friend and an incredibly talented photographer from Seattle.  She is also the person who suggested I try my hand at veil/fascinator making in the first place!  And thank goodness.  :)

She is one of the most hardworking, thoughtful and patient people I've ever met.  Rose came in and set up, and immediately started making the magic happen.  She's such a pro.  These photos are above and beyond amazing.  I'm so grateful for her expertise and artist's eye.

Joli et Simple - Feather Headband Fascinator by Deeds & Petunia

Bleu - Hand Beaded Floral Fascinator by Deeds & Petunia

Joli 2 - All White Feather Headband Fascinator by Deeds & Petunia

Joli - Feather Headband Fascinator by Deeds & Petunia
I can't recommend Rose enough.  You have to visit her website to see her portfolio.  It'll knock your socks off.

A big thank you to two local shops as well - Orange on 6th and Vanity.  Laurel and Melanie were very generous in lending us the FABULOUS vintage fashions the models wore!  My two favorite shops in Tacoma (also on Etsy!), where I can never leave without spending money.

A few of the items are now up for sale in my Etsy shop.  I'm now trying to focus on made to order and custom pieces of heirloom quality.  I just love doing custom work so much.  A wedding is one of the rare occasions anymore that truly justifies the creation of a unique, one of a kind, handmade treasure.

I hope you love the bridal line as much as I do!  Have a great weekend!

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