Some new (old) Christmas favorites

The St. Vincent De Paul in Tacoma is a treasure trove for Grannys on the inside like me (some call my taste "tacky" or "worn out,"  I prefer "Granny Chic.")  The key is to dig and dig and dig.  And keep an open mind.  I never find what I go there to look for!

My last visit turned up many Christmas goodies, and a couple old jewelry boxes that were originally intended for part of my craft show display.  I have fallen in love with the red lined jewelry box and so am greedily keeping it for myself although I have own very little jewelry. 

 I'm entranced by the little ballerina who twirls to a nameless song and the fruity perfume that still lingers.

I also found this lovely lady all decked out for Christmas in her festive red and white crocheted dress, hat and muff.  She has soft wool hair and crystal blue eyes that my children love to open and close (I imagine she's quite dizzy after being handled thusly.)  From what era???  I couldn't say.  Old.  That's all I know.
My daughter had dubbed her "Phyllis"
 I also came across a vintage handmade quilted patchwork tree skirt with bright, cheerful floral prints that would look perfect in my little old lady's cottage.  Pictures to come.

(Side note - while I was taking these photos today, my camera finally bit the dust, so they're less than amazing.  I can't exactly fit a new camera into the budget, so I'm praying that it will either be miraculously healed, an orphaned digital SLR will magically turn up on my doorstep or the money to buy a new one will be in my PayPal account soon!  :)  A girl can dream, right...)

At the local North Tacoma Goodwill I came across a crocheted door ornament with jingle bells, a bag full of vintage ornaments without a price tag (JACKPOT!) In it were a few mercury glass balls and a 3D ornament like my parents used to hang on their tree.  It's always a good feeling when you find an items that's not tagged.  It usually means a bargain!

I found another vintage angel with soft white hair and an adorable little pink safety pin angel for the mantel, along with a shiny, tiny present garland (pictured with Phyllis.)

 I thought I'd post my favorite Christmas decoration as well.  My Christmas pudding kitty frieze!  I have two that I bought from Past Times when I lived near Cambridge in the UK.  It used to be my favorite store!  The little old lady living inside me couldn't get enough Victorian reproductions, Celtic print scarves and pewter goblets.

The tree is trimmed and most of the decorations are up.  We made cookies today and are playing with the Christmas PlayMobil advent toys.  It's beginning to feel like Christmas finally!


  1. My sister had that jewelry box when I was younger, and eventually passed it on to me. Then somewhere along the line it was donated during one of my (many) moves. I think it was the Official Teen Jewelry Box in our household, lol. I highly doubt it's the same one. I think it's a fantastic find, though.

  2. I think that Phylis may be a toilet paper cover. We had a similar one growing up. The legs go in the tube, and the big skirt drapes over the toilet paper. Try it!

  3. I love it! I think Phyllis will be decorating the powder room for the party this week. My littlest holds her and puts her to sleep under a blanket every afternoon. Phyllis loves her naps.


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