Gift Exchange Surprise!

I'm participating in my very first gift exchange hosted by The Ardent Sparrow!  I've handcrafted two very exciting and Christmassy lovelies for the exchange, and wrapped them to the best of my abilities.  Gift wrapping is not my forte, but I think it turned out pretty good. 

The example photos of beautifully wrapped gifts presented to us at The Ardent Sparrow were admittedly a bit intimidating.  I went for "original" and "what was on hand" in my creative process.  I raided my sewing stash for some inspiration and the theme emerged - behold!  Upcycling!  A scrap of pretty fabric that could be used again!
Fabric feels so good and makes me happy...

Pinking shears to prevent fraying; a loose running stitch to hold in place.

Folded and hand stitched ends.  Use pins to keep fabric from slipping, remove after a few stitches.
Next I found a bit of vintage gray yarn that's too scratchy for a hat or scarf, but still good for other crafts.  I thought it was wintery, textural and complimented the colors nicely.

I found a few buttons from my vintage button collection to embellish with.

I wove the yarn and buttons together and tied at the bottom.

At an Estate Sale earlier this year I scored a giant pack of vintage florist cards.  They're the perfect size for gift tags!  Just punch a hole and voila.  I tried to add a little flair with vintage sheet music, another vintage button and some millinery tulle.

I shipped it off today and forgot to include the card about myself (of course!) but will send that off separately tomorrow. 
My daughter was home sick from school today and she helped me cover the shipping box in her little dog and cat Christmas stickers.  I hope Laura appreciates her efforts!  :)

This was so fun to do.  I can't WAIT to share what's inside the box!  But you'll have to wait until she opens it...

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