Sweet and Sentimental Handmade Ornament Tutorial Links

Today I came across this Pasta Angel Ornament tutorial that's so cute I just had to share!  It's from Craftily Ever After, a blog I've been following full of crafty ideas, tutorials, free downloads, etc.
Pasta Angel Ornaments
These are incredibly adorable and remind me of some of the ornaments I made as a kid! 

The Pasta Angels got me on a roll seeking tutorials for crafts that reminded me of my childhood.  There are so many great ones out there!  I thought I'd post a couple more that I came across today...
Salt Dough Ornaments
I found this one for salt dough ornaments over at It's All In My Head. Remember making these? Just salty cookies that you cut out and paint with acrylic, decorate with glitter, etc. Mine weren't pretty, but mom kept them anyway and put them up on the tree every year (they lasted forever!)

And isn't that what Christmas decorating is really about anyway? The sentimental stuff!!! And speaking of sentimental stuff...
Christmas Candy Trees from Life Is A Party
These are wonderful!  I found the tutorial from Life Is A Party via Under The Table & Dreaming's Sunday Showcase Party (which has tons of craft tutorial links!)  I want to make a forest of gumdrop and hard candy trees (if I can keep the gumdrops hidden from the husband long enough...)  Remember gumdrops?

Happy crafting!  :)


  1. How fun! Thanks for linking me ;) I love your pasta angels.. I remember making them when I was little..You have a great Blog!
    Thanks, Stef

  2. Thanks for linking up my trees, and enjoy your gum drops! Merry Christmas from Dannyelle at lifeisaparty.ca

  3. I know, I love the little angels! Jessica has all kinds of good stuff over at her blog. ;)

    Thanks so much!

  4. Thanks for featuring my angels! Have a fabulous night. :)


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