Thief - A Tragic Tale

This was the most amazing, creative, inspiring, challenging art project I've ever worked on.  I am so delighted by what we've made.

Kirsten and Travis of Elk & Boar are the stars.  They wrote and recorded this passionate song, and were so kind about embracing my crazy ideas for a video: a tragic tale of forlorn lovers.  I had seen another video they made with another dear friend Dee Jones (who I love working with) and found the style of shooting and production so inspiring.  I came to them with some ideas, we grew the ideas together, things changed, the story evolved.  We laughed, we cried.  This is what we made.  I hope you enjoy it.

Thief by Elk & Boar

Here are some stills of the costumes and scenes created.  Dee worked tirelessly on Kirsten's dresses and I created some hats and threw in some accessories.  Kirsten's 100 year old house was transported back in time - we even moved a piano.  Travis just happened to have an awesome wardrobe to begin with - all we did was add a top hat and some spice (he has plenty of spice to begin with.)
Photos by Dee Jones.

Kirsten worked tirelessly on the editing process.  She has a gift for piecing together the million photos we shot into a story.  An all around talented artist, she is!

A big thanks too to Holly Holman, an AMAZING makeup artist friend who was so sweet and generous with her time and energy on this shoot, even though she was sick AND moving that weekend!

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