It's the little things...

The photo shoot was so fun.  It brings me so much joy to pull fabulous people and fabulous handmade products together in a gorgeous location and make something so magical.  Lots of laughter and silliness accompanied our hard work.  The icing on the cake!

So this isn't exactly a sneak peek, but here are some highlights from our day!

The Frog
Photos courtesy of Open Door Photography
 He introduced himself as we were settling into the mossy location.  Our model Bailey, immediately chased him down under the brush and "invited" him into the shoot.  Mr. Frog settled into the bouquet quite happily (he was quite insistent on staying until I gently shook him free!

 Was the "groom" for the shoot, and eventually went from groom to Borat-esque Eastern European accessory.
 He kept us all in stitches most of the day.

The Naughty Mushroom
 Resembling a certain part of the anatomy had never crossed my mind.  Seriously!  But we put it down and took a few photos, and suddenly we were worried it might seem mildly provocative...

Good times!

I promise to post some sneak peek photos on Friday!

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