Clever Craft Show Items & Displays

Had a great time at the Handmade For The Holidays Bazaar last weekend.  The event was very impressive for a first year event and was extremely well organized.  The raffle was awesome, with each of the awesome 78 vendors donating an item for giveaway.  There were some lovely items for sale.  Photographed a few of my favorite vendors - please tag yourself in the comments if you see your goodies here!

I'm always trying out something new with my display at craft shows.  I recently bought a birdcage to clip the feather hair pieces to (thought it was fitting!)  I'm trying to do a better job of utilizing vertical space to draw attention, which can sometimes be challenging with smaller items.

Next up is the Bellevue Club Holiday Bazaar!  Join me Saturday, November 5th from 9-3 PM.  I'm going with a more sleek Day and Night theme to the set up, with some very special jewelry designs from Parisienne Girl Designs being featured, as well as your favorite fascinators for some "instant fancy" this holiday season!  The line up looks amazing.  Hope to see you there...


  1. Loved your booth at the bazaar...I was one of the gals behind the Little Bird Boutique booth...although I was sick and not there for much of it. I am the one who told you I was a wedding photographer...LOVE your accessories!

  2. I was there, too (Ruby Willow-the second picture down) and had a great time! Your booth was fantastic, as well. Thanks for including me as one of your favorites, what an honor! Now I'm off to check out your shop! :)

  3. Hi there!
    It's Britt from the bazaar =)
    Would you care if we used some of your photos of the bazaar for this year?
    They are just so lovely!
    ;) Hope we get to see you again this year too, of course!


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