Paint & Glitter

I'm not a glitter junkie, but most everything can use a little sparkle as far as I'm concerned.  I found this little fuzzy figurine (three of them actually) at the thrift store last year. 

My daughter created a habitat for it on our craft day, complete with 3-D tree made of sparkly pipe cleaners (now why didn't I take a picture of that?!?!  Pure genius she is.)  It was looking a bit sad and smudgy.  I had some paint left over from a project you'll see later this week (preview here!) and I thought, why not jazz it up with some paint and glitter?

It was fairly easy.  I covered most of it with aqua paint using a foam brush, and got in the cracks and curves very carefully with a small paint paint brush.  While still wet, I sprinkled the whole thing with clear glitter. 

When it was dry I tapped the beasts gently on the table and used a small dry brush to remove any excess.

Pretty cute.  But here's what I learned:

I would do a second and maybe a third coat of paint so it looks more finished.

I'd probably choose a lighter color of paint.

While I do like the glittered effect, I might use mica flakes (blitzed in the blender to make the flakes smaller) next time.

The holidays are soon upon us!  What do you like to make with glitter and paint?

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