LOVE foil tags - DIY project to dress up your window sill

The photo shoot yesterday was awesome!  So many creative women working together to create beauty.  I can't wait to show you what's in store for the zine.

I came across this project over at Charcoal & Crayons and fell in love with her little BLOOM tags!  It's such a creative use of materials, and would make adorable, affordable table centerpieces at a wedding! 

I contacted Andrea to see if we could include the DIY in the wedding zine.  I was so inspired, that while I was waiting to hear back I decided to have a go at making some tags, but with some different materials.  I decided it was time to use the copper foil that's been sitting in my drawer for about three years.

I'm pleased to announce that I'll be including Andrea's project in the zine (yay!) 

I thought I would share my project inspired by Andrea's here.  Just to warn you, copper foil is kind of dangerous to work with because it's so sharp!  So please exercise caution.
LOVE foil tags

You will need:

Foil sheet kit with stylus tools, such as ArtEmboss (available at craft stores)
Cheap Scissors - the good ones will get dull with this project!
Xacto knife
Rotary cutter with pinking edge or scalloped edge scissors
Rotary mat or scrap of cardboard
Baling twine (don't forget your wire clippers) or baker's twine
4 small Orangina bottles, labels removed, or small vases of your choosing

Cut 1 to 2 inch squares from the foil sheet using your cheap scissors.

Next, use the rotary tool or scalloped edge scissors to trim away along the edges.  Be careful - the foil bits are very sharp.  I had a few get stuck to my fingers and now see that they nicked the skin.
 Now, on a piece of cardboard or your rotary mat, take your metal tip stylus and trace the a letter onto each of the foil pieces.
Trace over the letters with the wood tip stylus (a bit thicker tip.)  You might have to do this a few times and press fairly hard.  Turn the piece over to see how it looks to decide how much to do it.

Embellish how you wish using your styluses - I just did little dots with the metal tool along the edges!
 At the center top of the front of each letter (you'll be poking through front to back), use your Xacto knife to carve a little hole by pressing and twisting the knife until it punches through to the mat or cardboard underneath.  Please be really careful when doing this!!!  The hole doesn't have to be very big, just large enough to fit the twine through.

Cut a length of twine about 4 inches long.  Thread through the hole and tie at the top of the tag in a little knot.  Wrap around the neck of the Orangina bottle or vase and tie in a neat bow if using bakers twine, twist and clip to desired length if using baling twine.

Fill with water and flowers!  Make sure you check your spelling.  ;)

A little extra tip - to get the labels off the Orangina bottles easier, soak them in hot water for a minute or two and the label and glue will come off much easier!

Some more ideas!  You could also do one for initials (J+K for example), Spring, your child's name, your cat's name, something romantic in French (ooh la la) or whatever else you can think up.  Happy crafting!

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