Mom would be proud.

I made my very first batch of caramels!  It was very exciting and nerve wracking - candymaking has always been scary for some reason.  Perhaps it's because each Christmas growing up included my mom attempting the dreaded UNCLE STEVE'S FUDGE, which never ever seemed to turn out, causing much frustration and exclamation on my mom's part (sorry mom!)  I'm guessing it didn't help to have three kids running around the kitchen at the same time wanting to participate.  My first attempt at making caramels when my kids were around ended in disaster and a near kitchen fire.  Kids can be very distracting...

So when the house was empty, I decided to try again using this recipe for Sea Salt Caramels, adding a little extra sea salt that what the recipe called for.  I'm so glad I did.  It was the perfect balance of salty and sweet. 

And as a result, I have a great tip!  Butter a pizza roller to cut the caramels.  It's so much easier in a knife.  I cut mine into one inch pieces, wrapped them in parchment and twisted the ends, then placed 8 in a box to give as gifts.  But not before eating way more than I should have...

I also made traditional fudge this Christmas that turned out pretty good, but I think I almost like fudge that has marshmallow in it a little better flavorwise.  Sorry Uncle Steve.

What are your favorite candies to make?  I'd love to try some more...

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