Hello, Gorgeous.

She's here.

After waiting and waiting and waiting (and waiting) my customizable dress form has finally arrived.  The big brown box in which she arrived couldn't contain all my excitement.  Smooth and gray, she has all the right curves, or at least she will when I adjust her to my particular set of measurements.  In the corner of my workroom is where she's taken up residence, the room soon to be transformed with some "Ballet Slipper" pink paint and fancy new curtains, into a sewing room extraordinaire.  So girly, so inspiring.  Here is where I'll begin my wardrobe transformation with custom fitted creations thanks in part to this lovely lady.

I think I'll call her Jane.

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  1. ahh!!!!! i am QUITE excited for this adventure! (and excited to hopefully get dresses and things from you:D) congratulations on all of the new loveliness!


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