I'll have a blue Christmas (tree)

Ever since I can remember, I've always loved blue at Christmas.  One year I begged my parents to get a blue spruce from the tree farm "because it's blue."  My favorite Christmas baubles are blue.  My favorite holiday houses are decorated with blue lights.  I even tried to buy a baby blue tinsel tree off of Ebay, but then decided that might be a step too far...

Only recently have I realized that blue might actually be my favorite color (if my living room, bathroom and dining nook count as a testament to that statement...)  So this year we went for it, with a vintage blue, gold and silver themed tree.

In the process of decorating - already looking good!
We incorporated blue and white lights along with elements of nature - silver pine cones, glistening berry sprays and shimmery snowflakes and wrapped the tree with jute twine, a staple in my packaging for Deeds & Petunia veils, and a favorite craft material of mine.

A few old favorites were included - the crocheted blue skate, a hand-blown glass bauble or two, vintage window ornaments...

At a local shop called Dwell I found some gorgeous vintage-y Wendy Addison "Nest Noel Joy" paper garland, which I (of course) immediately took my scissors to.  :)

We added the topper, turned off the lights and oooh'd and ahh'd.

I'm delighted with our blue tree.  It's a touch vintage, nature-inspired, sparkly and glittery, not too perfect.  Kinda like me.  :)

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