Mini top hat giveaway - we have a winner!!!

Wow!  43 amazing entries with so many wonderful comments.  It was so fun reading through all of your treasured memories of meaningful gifts.  I think what surprised me the most was all the meaningful blankets and quilts!  What wonderful treasures.  I will never look at a quilt the same way again!  :)  Here are some comments I found especially touching...

ELNM said... My husband gave me a Christmas gift last year of "dates". After 28 years of marriage, he says he still never gets to spend enough time with me!
Claudia from Germany said... A handwritten letter from my "lost" brother whom I haven't seen for years....
Brittany said... I had been trying to save up the money to go to Peru as a translator with a medical mission group and my parents surprised me with the ticket to get down there.
Rachel said... 
The most meaningful gift I've ever received was a portrait of my sister painted by my talented daughter. My sister died at the age of 22 and my daughter never met her, but they are so much alike!
Jingle said... My Nana gave me a scrapbook with my Great Grandmother's handwriting in it and a compilation of photos from when I was a baby. It is such a treasure.

Thanks so much to all who entered, and to all my new followers!  Hello and welcome!  :)  NOW, here is our BIG WINNER!!!   


Chosen at random - the winner of this mini top hat is comment number 22  from Unity!  One of my favorite comments that made me tear up a little bit (Christmas makes me all mushy!!!)  :)

Unity said... My husband. It isn't every day that you are given the heart of your best friend to keep for the rest of your life.

Congrats to Unity (check your email inbox!) and thanks to everyone who entered via the Sew, Mama, Sew giveaway party!  Also, a big thanks to everyone who entered the Couture Carrie giveaway.  Our big winner from the CC giveaway has been announced and there's an email waiting for the big winner in her inbox!  :)

Exciting things are happening with Deeds & Petunia in the new year, so stay tuned.  I'm taking a break from the shop after this weekend until after the holidays, so get your orders in by Sunday!


  1. Thank you so much! The lovely hat arrived today! It is currently perch upon my head. I love it!

  2. Yay! You should send me a picture to post! ;)


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