More on how to style a "classic" birdcage veil

Tips On How to Style A Classic 9 inch Birdcage/Blusher Veil (like the one shown here in the photo)

9 inch "Classic" style birdcage veil
  • To soften and remove wrinkles, apply light steam or iron on low.  You may also very carefully run the veil under lukewarm water and iron on low when dry.  Veil will hold it’s shape but become more pliable and easy to style.

  • This veil looks great with many different hairstyles and fascinators.  Figure out where you want the veil to sit by positioning the comb in your hair.  If the veil seems to “pop up”, use bobby pins to discreetly tack the veil in place until it’s styled how you want it to look.

  • This style of veil looks great asymmetrically, placed 3-4 inches above the hairline (place it right where your part is if you part your hair to one side.)  It gently sweeps over the eye and gives you a very whimsical, romantic look.  You can also scoot it down a bit towards the ear even for a little more drama.

  • If you have an updo, position the veil at the crown of the head right above the 'do for a classic feel.

  • If you’re wearing a fascinator, position your fascinator on top of the comb after styling the veil.

  • For extra security, use this little trick: comb the veil into a pin curl.  Take a lock of hair and curl it up into a "circle" and pin it to your head using bobby pins to make an "x".  Then slide the comb in against the scalp behind the x.  Your comb will stay extra secure!
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