Hi! Can you help?

Hi friends.  I need some feedback!  Can you take a minute to share with me your thoughts? 

I've been spending time the past couple days thinking about the direction of where I want the shop to go in the next year or so, and what exactly I should be spending my time to help it grow.

You've seen me posting lately about all the new goodies I'm slowly incorporating into my line.  Some of them I've made, some of them I've designed and they've been produced by other crafters.  But basically this is me trying my hand at curating my own little retail shop that could maybe someday be a brick and mortar location.  Here's a reminder of some of the goodies...

  Parisienne Girl Designs has crafted some wonderful jewelry from upcycled vintage jewels and buttons based on some of my ideas and inspirations.

A very talented gal from Gnome Made With Love made some cute little everyday hair accessories with some new and vintage fabrics and buttons.

And then there are my altered vintage clothes!  I love these because there are so many vintage fabrics and styles I would wear if they were updated just a little.

So what I'm hoping you can help me with is some feedback about these items and ideas.  What do you love?  What needs improvement?  Would you walk into this shop if you saw these things in the window?  What else would you want to see?  Is Etsy where it's at or do you like indie websites better?

I'd love it if you could take a look at my Etsy shop too.  In it's present state I'm focusing on moderately priced wedding hair accessories.  Should I revamp the shop or start a new one for the new goodies?  I want to move away from making fascinators and focus more on the veils for the wedding accessories, should I move the more casual fascinators into the new shop or leave them where they are?

Thanks guys!  Your opinions matter so much and any feedback you can provide is invaluable.  XOXO

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