Finding beauty in the little things

I've been feeling rather deflated as of late.  It was go go go for so long and now that I have a moment of rest, I can find no peace.  The kids are nearly out of school so they are restless, which makes me restless.  The budget is feeling especially tight as June begins, and as much as I wanted to take a nice long vacation this summer, it might not happen after all.  The weather has been less than great (great = sunny) in the Northwest, as usual for spring, but for some reason it's really getting to me.

I woke this morning with new determination.  I will find a reason to smile.  I came across these photos I snapped last week when I was looking around my house for some inspiration.
Little collections.  Another jar idea...

lovely bits of vintage

A piece by Sarah Ogren recently purchased from Ghost Gallery in Seattle

The wreak havoc on my garden, but are beautiful for sure
What do you do when you need a pick-me-up?  I'd love for you to share!

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