Fabric Harvesting

It's time again for some sewing.  I need a productive, creative outlet that will provide me with something useful, so I've decided to make my kids some summer clothes, and maybe even attempt a little something for myself.  I bought some patterns at Joann's on sale for $1.99 each.  I would have bought these used, but I always seem to have bad luck with used patterns (pieces missing, no directions, wrong size, etc.)

I'm still trying to hold fast to my handmade pledge, so my next stop was the Goodwill.  I looked through and three dresses and a skirt on sale with enough fabric to harvest for the girls clothes.

I saw this shift dress tutorial tweeted by the Martha Stewart Crafts Department, and thought it sounded easy enough.  I think I might give it a go with the skirt fabric.  If it doesn't fit me, I can just alter it a bit for one of my girlies!

So I've got four sewing projects for the week.  Will post some photos when all is said and done!  ;)

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