Blog Envy

Wow!  I've been looking around lately at all the amazing beautiful blogs out there and I have a bad case of blog envy.  So I've decided it's time to spruce up ol' Deeds and Petunia's blog as part of my general "time to spruce up the business" plan.  Tell me what you think!  There is EVEN a poll.  Keep in mind, it is a work in progress.  The header needs some work, I would like to put in some fancy buttons and page dividers, etc. but I think this new look reflects my style a bit better.  Plus it's Fall, so I wanted something more orange-y.

Here are some of my new favorite blogs.  A feast for the girly-girl senses.  So pretty!
Dottie Angel
Simply Hue
Sweet Eye Candy Creations

Blogs sure have come a long way.  There is even a publication called Artful Blogging that I'm very interested in checking out (but it's pricey!  So I may just have to browse it at the store...)

What are some of your favorite blogs?

Happy Halloween!!!  Enjoy!

And how could I forget Meet Me At Mike's???  I love this blog for so so so many reasons, the biggest being I shall conquer the dreaded CROCHET thanks to the video tutorials!!!  But there is so much there.  Go check it out.

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