Growing a new business and Blog Hop (hope this works...)

Things have definitely not been slow around here, which is great!  I'm very glad to be busy.  I'm still learning how to perfect my craft (working on efficiency), stretching my creativity and finding the balance between work and life (the biggest struggle I face working from home.)  I'm also learning that networking and promoting my business is a big priority as well.  So this week I'm trying some new things, including posting on the Etsy forums to connect with other sellers and doing a Blog Hop (which I really have no idea how to do, I'm following the directions I got from http://moonangelnay.blogspot.com/, who's post I saw on the Etsy forums!)

I'd encourage readers to check out some of the blogs below!  Hopefully their readers will do the same.  ;)


  1. New Follower! Thanks for the hop!


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