Happy Fall!

A friend just posted about the "Super Harvest Moon" that's happening tonight.  It's a full moon that coincides with the first official day of Fall.  Keep your fingers crossed we actually get to see it!

I've been busy readying for the Fall and Winter seasons and the sales bonanza that's bound to occur in Deeds and Petunia land!  My little fingers are being worked to the bone, covered in little pokes and blobs of glue.  I'm cranking out fascinators at an unreal pace!  Here's some of what's being produced on the factory line:

Not much is up on the website currently, but will be SOON.  Right now I'm focusing on what needs to be produced for the craft fairs I've got coming up, so get on over to one if you want to see what's for sale! (details below!)

Last week I had a great time at the Tacoma Is For Lovers Artist Craft Fair at King's Books, and sold quite a few pieces.  It was great to get out there and show the World what I've got, and find out the World likes it!
This time around I had pretty much everything in my workroom out for sale.  I think I might be putting the left side of the table to rest for a while to focus on the fascinators exclusively for a while.
I learned a lot about making a display last week too.  Today's Country Store in Sumner is one of my favorite stores.  They do such a great job of creating interesting little vignettes and the store is so rich with ideas and beautiful things.  I could get lost in there for hours.  The ladies working there sold me some vintage display pieces (the green chair and the suitcase) and gave me tons of great advice on making things on my table eye catching and interesting.  I tried my best!  There's still much to improve upon, (make it taller, more colorful, more visually interesting) but overall it felt good and I feel like it represented me pretty well (a little old lady who loves doilies and ruffles trapped in a 30-something woman's body.)

I'm gearing up for this weekend, when I'll be at the Hops and Crops Festival in Auburn, WA with a little crafty craft booth!  The weather is looking great, there will be microbrews, some AMAZING music (Pablo Trucker, Kelli Schaefer, Grand Hallway...) food, a root beer garden, a corn maze and all kinds of other fun stuff!  It's family-friendly and a great way to kick off the Fall, so come check it out!  1-6 PM on Saturday the 25th at the Mary Olson farm.  I'll see you there!

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