Fascinators, Bircage Veils and Hair Decor now for sale on Etsy!

This is it people!  I'm very excited to share with you my latest endeavor into the world of "hair decor."  I've made a handful of fascinators, veils, headbands and hair accessories now up for sale on my Etsy site.

These pieces came together very organically.  I picked out the materials I liked, and laid them all out on the table.  Some went well together, and as my beautiful friend (and curly-haired Deeds and Petunia model) Grace so eloquently put it, "This is what happens when birds marry flowers."

All of the pieces are painstakingly handcrafted.  I was inspired by the upcoming changing of the seasons, (which changed VERY dramatically today!  It's definitely not summer anymore!!!) and the beautiful women who dare to wear something a little different to stand out.  I certainly had you all in mind while making these.  Some of the pieces are one of a kind and have vintage findings, like this one

For the bridal pieces, I wanted to offer something very feminine, vintage-inspired and non-traditional.  I especially love the fluffy white maribou feathers on a bride. 

It reminds me of the kind of lady who years ago might've worn a pink chiffon robe with fluffy feathery slippers around the house.  I think she would appreciate where I was coming from.  But really, any of the pieces could be worn by a bride!  All of the pieces are customizable, including the veils.

Because they are customizable, the fascinators and veils are mostly made to order, which means that they can take up to two weeks before they are ready to ship.  Why so long, you ask?  Two weeks is just enough time for me to gather the right materials, hand sew everything (I judiciously use glue when appropriate, but hands down prefer to sew), and make sure it's perfect before handing it off to my wonderful customers.  :)

I hope you love what you see, and would love to see you in one of my creations!  ;)

In other great news, Deeds and Petunia items can now be found in Fly! in downtown Tacoma at 904 Broadway!  The store offers some really amazing handmade goods from local artists and crafters and I am completely honored to have been asked to have my items included.  My upcycled, hand-painted mugs, handmade cards made with the stamps I hand carved, and upcycled ruffle aprons can be found there.  I highly recommend checking the store out - there's something there for everyone and for all budgets (and bring cash, since they are brand spanking new and don't have a credit card system up and running just yet!)

I'll also be at the next Tacoma Is For Lovers craft show on September 19th at King's Books in Tacoma, so come check that out!  I'm super stoked!

Whew!  This summer has been an amazing time of change and development as an artist and crafter.  I feel really lucky that the fruits of my labor are finally starting to show.  Can't wait to see what the fall will bring!

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