I've created some fascinators that I've fallen in love with making.

Fascinators are hair adornments, usually a clip or a comb with fancy materials like feathers, ribbons, birdcage veiling and flowers attached.  Sometimes even jewels and pearls and sparkly things as well.  Hair can be worn up or down, the piece attached at the side, top, back, anywhere it suits your hairstyle.  There are some amazing fascinators out there!  Just search Etsy, and you'll see some incredible works of art people can wear on their heads!

I love how the pieces come together and how they look when someone puts one on.  The materials are gorgeous.  Organic and luxurious.  I get to put careful time and thought into the design.  Each piece is one of a kind (at least so far!) and almost completely handsewn (a few are totally handsewn.)  When someone puts it on they feel very special and beautiful.

My lovely wedding photographer friend suggested I try my hand at birdcage veils and fascinators.  She even put me in touch with a client who ordered a custom piece made with vintage chantilly style lace leaves in pale pink with lovely cream and violet accents.  It goes fantastic with a brown birdcage veil that brushes the cheekbone just below the eyes.  My first sale!  I'm very excited.

The next step is to get some amazing pictures taken (meaning I hire amazing photographer friend to take some photos, ask amazing hair stylist friend to help with hair and make up and ask lovely friend who just got married recently to put on her vintage wedding gown once again and be my beautiful model!) and get them up for sale on Etsy

So if you like what you see, let me know in the meantime.  I'm happy to send more pictures of what I'm working on (and will continue to post about it on this blog) or you can stop by my workroom to see these items in person!

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