Guess who's in Altered Couture? ;)

When I came home from my walk today, this was waiting for me.
I shrieked and my husband looked at me like I was a lunatic.  I am just so excited!

Remember this little dress?

(The little beige dress in the center...)
It was part of the photo shoot I did last year with Dee Jones for the zine.  We designed some looks together for our dreamy, bohemian, nature-inspired wedding.  I submitted the dress to Altered Couture (one of my favorite publications!  All about upcycling clothes...), and much to my surprise and delight, they liked it!  So I got to write an article about the process, and it's officially been published in their Spring 2012 issue!

For me, holding the magazine in my hands and seeing our names in print feels like validation for all the creative hard work I've been doing in the last year.  It's giving me a boost of confidence to keep pursuing the path I'm on.

And I couldn't be more excited for my incredible friend Dee!!!  She is such an inspiration to me and I really treasure her friendship.  The article is entitled "Kindred Spirits" because that's truly how I think of Dee (a la Anne of Green Gables.)  :)  If it weren't for her talent and hard work on the dress and photo shoot, this never would have been.  Lots of love, and thanks so so so so much Dee Dee!

So I hope you'll take a look-see!  I know they sell the mag at Joann's and I have seen it here in Tacoma at Artco (and maybe Michaels...)  There are so many gorgeous photos and inspiring creations, with step by step guides to how they were made.  It really is one of my favorites!!!

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