Lacy little drawers ;)

I started off last week making shorts, and by the end of it I had accomplished sewing my first few pairs of undies, drafting my own patterns and learning that you generally need a LOT more fabric than you'd like to think you do when making unmentionables.  Now there's a reality check for you...

So I had this tablecloth.  It was huge, lacy and had a few holes in it, but I knew it was destined for greatness.  What's not to love about sheer mustard yellow and lace, right???
Yeah, maybe not so much with the yellow chairs...

But I loved the scalloped edge.
After making a camisole and shorts set, I thought I'd like to try a little nightie and tap pants set with this fabric.  I especially LOVE how the shorts turned out. 

I drafted this pattern using a jammie bottoms pattern for reference, but cut them to look more like low waisted undies that are only fitted at the top.  Very cheeky indeed.  :)

Next I came across some polka dots in the fabric stash.  It's amazing to me sometimes when you pick up a piece of fabric, it seems to take on a life of it's own.  Somehow they transformed into this little set! 

Speaking of cheeky, the thong sort of just happened.  Maybe it's just because I ran out of fabric.  Either way, I will never wear these.  I don't even know if I own a thong anymore.  I don't think I have since I was in my early twenties (I've had two kids, so I generally opt for the sausage casing Spanx when I get all gussied up and don't want a panty line (Sorry if I burst anyone's bubble - but all this?  It's an illusion...)).  Maybe that's too much information.  But thongs to me seem like the most impractical of all undergarments.  Okay, rant over.  So, knowing all this, I still somehow managed to sew one up and don't totally hate it.  Because come on, how cute are polkadots, ruffles and bows?

Underwear making is fun.  :)

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