A very merry DIY vintage wreath

I kept seeing these online and thought "I can make that."  Like any craft project, this ornament wreath was a lot more work than I anticipated, but I learned how I could probably speed the process along for the next wreath.

First I started with a large wire wreath form and simply wrapped it in vintage gold tinsel garland. Then I began placing and gluing the glass ornaments with hot glue.  Some took a while to set and not every ornament stuck.  My suggestion is to move fast, use enough glue and be sure where you want to place each piece!

Next time I would start out by lining the outside and inside of the wreath with ornaments first to make it look more uniform.  You could even do a pattern with different colors or shapes.  Then I would fill in the middle and build from there, filling in the nooks and crannies last...

I see me...
It took about twice as many ornaments as I thought it would.  Thank goodness you can find these by the bag for a few dollars at the thrift store.  I'm becoming the Goodwill's best customer this holiday season!

This project is super easy and lots of fun.  Hang it over a mirror or a door.  It would be a great project to work on with an older child or a cautious and careful little one.  Happy Holidays!

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